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A total dining experience

And while he certainly didn't love the menial job of folding pizza boxes, he concedes that it didn't do him any harm to learn the business of food from the bottom up.

Today, kyritsis is president and general manager of the well known marco polo restaurant in summit, and well versed on every aspect of everything from the kitchen to the operation and personnel management that his position requires.Pleasure of anticipating a 50th anniversary in 2016. "Now that's a milestone,"He said with justifiable pride.

Family is ralph lauren donna abiti probably the taproot of all that has been, and hopefully will be in this restaurant that celebrates the cuisine of cypress, and culinary tradition passed along through the generations.

Both kyritsis and apostolou have children approaching the ages when they might consider carrying on the tradition, a legacy that would please their fathers. "But only if they want to do it, and do it ralph Lauren outlet online with pride,"Kyritsis said.

That pride is in many things, including an extensive wine list and bar and food based on the deceptively simple premise of presenting that which is fresh and not disguised from its origins.In other words, marco polo's president explains, close to its basic and inherent goodness.

An expansive menu relies on that principle.Specialties that never go out of style are the foods served during greek week, celebrated at the restaurant every quarter to put a sharper focus on the classic greek/cypress cuisine.The next greek week will be in january.

But like marco polo himself, this eponymously named restaurant is outto explore and discover new ways of presenting world cuisines, with a special tilt toward the italian.

House specialties include calamari balsamic, homemade lasagna, the finest chicken saut in good olive oil and anointed with homemade pesto, a vital ingredient in many of the restaurant's varied dishes.

And ralph lauren bambini on line be forewarned:Leave some room for the glorious tiramisu, a grandpa recipe that never changes, but perennially delights.

Among kyritsis' passions is a commitment to service and hospitality that literally begins at the front door. "I'm a firm believer that making the right hiring decisions is the single most important judgment call i can make,"Said kyritsis, who chooses the restaurant's serving staff based on the notion that you can teach skills, especially to young people, but that basic character and decency must ralph lauren uomo flag polo be in place first.

"I ask certain very specific questions that reveal a lot about who that job candidate really is,"He said. "I'm especially interested in things like whether there's been some experience with team sports, or with helping others. "

It may not be typical business practice, but for kryitsis, it makes good common sense. "Our customers remember a total experience, not just the food. "

One of the pleasures that the partnersat marco polo cherish often comes during the holiday season, when multigenerational families return to the restaurant for reunions and parties.

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A general view of atmosphere during richard chai love richard chai men's fall 2013 fashion show during mercedes benz fashion week at lincoln center for the performing arts on feb.7, 2013, in New York.

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Jeweller cheng michael kors handbags sale australia paves way for michael kors outlet australia gold in china

That market uncertainty has prompted several other companies to cancel hong kong ipos, but chow tai fook seized a tiny window of opportunity to launch its ipo and raise the money it badly needs for future expansion. "We have no intention, at least for 10 years, to open any pos(Points of sale)Other than in china, hong kong and macau,"His son henry Cheng, chairman of chow tai fook, said earlier this month.Chow tai fook which means 'good luck' in cantonese will use the ipo proceeds to buy gold and diamonds and expand its jewellery store network.While chow tai fook is mainly run by henry and his grandson adrian, a harvard graduate and ex goldman sachs banker, analysts say Cheng yu tung remains the lynchpin and, as honorary chairman of the 82 year old firm, holds sway on the big decisions. "We see this listing as one of the steps of handing over because he(Cheng)Wants the business to stay successful,"Said eugene mak, analyst at core pacific yamaichi international. "One of the best ways to do that is michael kors bags australia to go public.The spry octogenarian is one of hong kong's richest men with a fortune estimated at $9 billion by forbes.Chow tai fook, founded by cheng's father in law chow chi yuen in 1929, opened its first outlet in beijing in 1998.It now has some 1, 500 stores, most of them in china's 260 cities, and aims to expand that to 2, 000 stores by 2016.Characterised by its burgundy coloured logo, chow tai fook stores dominate shopping districts in hong kong with some stores within a short walking distance from each other.Advertisements are plastered across double decker buses and subway stations, dwarfing those of rivals.A golfer and known for his down to earth personality, cheng is often seen dressed in sports shoes walking around chow tai fook stores in downtown hong kong, mingling with staff and customers.Soft spoken and friendly in person, cheng, with his cropped dark hair and signature mole to the right of his mouth, looks more like an elderly chinese uncle than a high powered billionaire.Having started as a trainee with chow tai fook in 1947, cheng is known to love home cooked cantonese food, favouring fish and soup.Also one of hong kong's leading philanthropists, cheng is attached to his hometown of shunde in southern china's pearl river delta, say colleagues, and has set up production facilities there for his business.A father of four, cheng is married to chow tsui ying, whose father started chow tai fook's first gold shop. "There are a lot of people named cheng working for him.Even if they are not blood relatives, they are people who come from his hometown area,"Said a contact close to cheng.Thomson reuters journalists are subject to an editorial handbook which requires fair presentation and disclosure of relevant interests.

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